Your local coordinator in Argentina

Here we briefly introduce the team from our partner office in Argentina. Jesica and her colleagues will place you in your volunteer project or internship, organize everything you need and will help you with all your questions. They will share their inside knowledge with you - so that your time as globetrotter will become the highlight of your life!

Meet Jesica

Argentinian Jesica loves to learn more about other cultures and wants to play her part in better understanding each other. Not for nothing she studied linguistics. During her studies she already took care of several volunteering projects and placed volunteers in projects. Since she cannot always travel to satisfy her curiosity, she simply gets the other countries to her - also to show you the Argentine Way of Life.

Where are you from originally?


When did you start to provide internships and volunteer travels?


Where else did you travel to so far?

I live now in Mexico.

What do you love in general?

learn languages

What do you love about your job?

learning about other culture.

What do you dislike about your job?

when people are not openminded

What do you want to show to volunteers about your (new) home country?

That you can build things if you pair with others for the same aim

How does your normal day look like?

I work in a computer 9 hours a day.

What do you do at home to relax your mind?

I study linguistics

Do you like any outdoor activities?

yes, running and hiking