Must Sees in Accra

Accra is Ghana's capital and at the same time its most populous city. It is situated in the South of the country right at the Atlantic Ocean and is the economic and political center of Ghana. 

Christianborg at the coast of Ghana has been the seat of the parliament since 1957. The castle was built by Swedes in 1652 and conquered by Denmark a few years later. The Danish then named the fort, which is also known as Osu Castle, too.  Christianborg is not open to the public and it is not allowed to take pictures of it neither.

National Museum

The National Museum was opened in March of 1957 and is therefore the oldest of the six museums under the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. The permanent exhibition covers archaeology objects as well as exhibits from the pre-colonial and colonial times of the country.

Independence Arch

The monument is situated on the Independence Square. The triumph arch was built in 1957 after Ghana became independent. You can find the country's maxims inscribed in one of its stones: Ghana: Freedom and Justice.

Labadi Beach

At Accra's city beach you can also find some of the more expensive hotels of the city. You will find it fun to watch the colorful beach life from its numerous beach bars and cafés. Unfortunately the beach is not ideal for swimming, but it is definitely worth a visit!


Jamestown is one of the city's oldest quarters. It was founded by the British, the colonial rulers at the time, and was later suburbanized. Must sees are the old lighthouse and the fishing harbor.