The Caribbean is the place to be

Do you know the place where the sea is the truest shade of turquoise, the white sand is the finest and the sun is the kindest? It is right here: 19 ° 12 '29,052' N 69 ° 19 '56,827' W. If you follow these coordinates, you will find yourself in a quaint little town of colorful houses, green palms and a promenade that invites you for a stroll. Samana is the name of this beautiful place where our trainees have always enjoyed their stay in the Dominican Republic. Maybe soon you will too?

Samana is a small town in the northeastern part of Dominican Republic. It is located on the bay, Bahía de Samana. The bay looks just like a travel brochure. On the promenade, the Malecón de Samana, the pure Dominican life takes place. From the bars you hear the rhythms of bachata, salsa and merengue and the aroma of freshly caught grilled fish lures you to the restaurants. Slightly curved palms scatter down the long stretches of sandy beaches. Here it is so beautiful that even countless humpback whales come annually to spend their honeymoon in the bay!

You should not, under any circumstances, travel to the Dominican Republic if:

  • you live on an exclusive diet of hamburgers and pizza and have no desire to taste the perfectly ripened, exotic fruits.
  • you love rainy and cold weather and you prefer using a parasol as an umbrella.
  • you are impatient, think rushing is the key to life and you live off of stress like the air you breathe.

Our most important travel tip: "Take it easy"

But honestly, the exquisite Caribbean beaches and bathtub temperature waters are not everything. The absolute highlight of the island are the Dominicans themselves. The residents are a huge part of what makes Samana a very special destination for all travelers. The population of the bay is about 40,000, while around 25,000 reside in the city. They are open-minded, helpful and above all, relaxed. Here the true Caribbean lifestyle is still lived. There is a reason that this beautiful place in the northeastern side of the island is considered one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean. You will quickly capture a wonderful mix of inner peace and serenity. In the afternoon, you’ll be lying in a hammock while sipping on freshly cracked coconut water - ain’t that the life! This island will grant just about everything you could wish for - seemingly endless waterfalls, a unique, adventurous nature, beaches fringed with coconut palms and, above all, the Caribbean way of life.

Top 3 reasons why you should intern in the Dominican Republic:

  • To meet the friendly locals and get to know the unique culture of this fascinating country while broadening your professional qualifications.
  • To support the local economy and trade your expertise with the practical experience of your new colleagues, while gaining insight through living a completely different lifestyle.
  • To feel safe and secure in the Caribbean with our 24 hour on site support.

Adventure included!

Of course you are not only in the Dominican Republic to work. It is equally important that you see the country and have a lot of fun. The local employer ensures that you will have sufficient opportunities to experience the country and its people. Of course you will be able to participate in all the excursions or sports you could possibly imagine. The Dominican Republic has a lot to offer: What do you think about whale-watching, surfing, diving or rafting? Or taking a boat trip to the 'Bacardi Island', Cayo Levantado? Or perhaps you would prefer a tour to the waterfalls or pirate caves? And the list goes on...

Our local partner can give you valuable insider tips on various excursions and event options. With great pleasure they can put together one of their adventure packages for you. By request, for example, they can organize a kite surf course and have you mastering the waves and wind in no time at all. For you dancing fanatics, there are merengue, bachata and salsa lessons available. For friends of the colorful underwater world, our partners provide several opportunities to explore. From beginner to advanced, and for every taste, diving programs are quickly arranged. And for those who prefer to stay above the water’s surface, exciting sailing trips are the perfect fit!

"Take the opportunities which are offered to change people and to change yourself, and there are a lot. Enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking scenery around you."  

Jakob Z., Germany