Internship in Argentina: Travel planning


As soon as you get the acknowledgement of your internship, you should book a flight. The Aeropuerto de Ezeiza is located south-west of the capital Buenos Aires and it takes approximately 30 hours to get there. Most of the flights include a stopover, for instance, in Madrid or Sao Paulo.

Recommended airlines:

  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • LAN
  • British Airways


For the entry to Argentina, a passport which is valid the next 3 months, is required. German citizens can entry the country for a stay of 90 days without applying for a visa. If you are planning a longer stay or you are going to be employed in Argentina, you should contact the Argentinian consulate in Germany before you start your trip to get detailed information. You should also pay attention to the American entry requirements if you are entering the country via the USA.


You do not need any special vaccination for Argentina. The Department of Foreign Affairs, however, recommends an immunization protection against hepatitis A and if you consider to stay longer than 4 weeks or planning to travel all over the country you should also get an immunization against hepatitis B, yellow fever, hydrophobia and typhus. A yellow fever immunization is only needed when visiting specific provinces. Further information can be found on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs, at the appropriate country information for Argentina.


For the time of your internship or voluntary, you are required to have a valid overseas health insurance. Before concluding any insurance, you should inform yourself accurately about the offered insurance benefits and especially if a return transport to Germany is guaranteed. Studentsgoabroad recommends: ADAC and MLP.


Temperature varies in Buenos Aires from 10° to 30°C throughout the year. The warmest months are October till April whereas the rest of the year only has temperatures between 10° to 17°C. You should also keep in mind that the nights in Argentina can get a bit cooler, meaning 6° to 14°C. Therefore, you need to take suitable clothes depending on your period of travelling.