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Many of our internships in New Zealand are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

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Professional English language internships, which offer you a practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.

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The internships in New Zealand offer all requirements to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.


Most of the internships are located in and around Auckland.

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Top Career Fields in Auckland

  • Tourism
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Logistic
  • Media/Design
  • Art
  • Journalism

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Internship in Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown

If you’re reading this, that means that you already have the idea in your head to undertake an internship whether voluntary or otherwise in New Zealand. Also within you is a spark of adventure and a yearning for a stay abroad. Allowing you to gain practical experience on the other side of the world. In particular internships in tourism offer perfect opportunities to learn about New Zealand's spectacular natural world and to work at the same time.

New Zealand has the trick: it offers just as much known, that the culture shock is absent and just the uniqueness, that one longs for as a traveler. 

This is not the opportunity to sit back, but that should already be clear to you. Instead of monotonous office work, it may just turn out that you will be needed to “test the product” by scaling up a cliff or falling with the bungee jumping! Of course, there are also other professional work placements in IT, marketing or other industries that are challenging but in a different way. Since there is a lack of skilled workers in New Zealand, especially in the field of IT, you may even have a chance at a more permanent position. If you are planning an internship at the end of your training or your studies then this could really open up some paths for your future.

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Discover New Zealand

Scarred for life

The Maori people of Polynesian descent are the indigenous people of New Zealand, arriving about 800 years ago to the large island at the end of the world. The clash with the "white world" did, as in other colonial territories, have advantages, but for the most part disadvantages for the indigenous population. The Maoris managed to preserve their unique traditions, and today it is open to visitors not only in marae (community centers), but also in traditional performances and galleries. For their personal history, the Maoris ancestry is visible in their tattooed face. The so-called Moko's are elaborately tattooed pictures of wild circles and curves that are inspired by the motives of the New Zealand flora. The tattoos reflect a person’s tribe and family.  

A perfect mix of the known and the unknown

Why is New Zealand so popular for young globetrotters who are looking for a practical work experience abroad? Because the country has the trick: it offers just as much known, that the culture shock is absent and just the uniqueness, that one longs for as a traveler. The lifestyle in the cities is dominated by the west that you will allow you to recall the cozy cities in Europe - only much, much more friendly to once again emphasize the friendliness of the Kiwis! But as soon as you go out of town, you remember why you came in the first place; at least when penguins are crossing the road in front of the "Lord of the Rings" -settings or your car attracts the curious Kea.

Work in an extremely friendly environment

The sport fanatic Kiwis - here we are not referring to the feathered inhabitants of New Zealand - are said to be exceptionally friendly and open people. And it's true! There is barely a travel report that doesn’t mention the warmth of the people. The experiences of our former interns in New Zealand confirms this.

"The New Zealand section of my internship was quite small, 9 "permanent staff" and 7 interns were there. All the staff were really nice. A better working environment, than i could have ever imagined. I really had a lot to do and had interesting work and everyone always put their heart into their work. Also among the interns the chemistry was right 100%. "

- Kevin, intern in Auckland

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